Traffic management is an all encompassing term that’s come to describe workflow allocation, management, and measurement within a given organization. As a new buzzword that’s gaining traction in business publications, “traffic management” is analyzed for increasing overall efficiency while minimizing room for errors.

With the technology we have at our fingertips today, traffic management blunders of the past don’t need to be a reality anymore; we can automate tasks for perfect reliability and dependability.

If you’re wondering why traffic management is so integral to your agency, here’s a few reasons why we know it’s paramount:

  1. Insight: When you have no idea where work is going after it’s assigned, how are you to track the process, the results delivered, and the time it takes to complete the project? You’re essentially handing it off and hoping for the best. With a traffic management system in place, you can track the lifecycle of the project, providing you with valuable insight on how you can improve upon the process in the future. With this information, you could realistically double productivity and minimize setbacks after just one project.
  2. Minimized Redundancies: Right now, do you have two departments that do the same thing to a project each time it’s received, like enter it into multiple systems? Could these departments essentially share one system between the two of them with the proper support? You can save time and money with a centralized system, requiring that everything be done just one time while automating the monotonous tasks that can be easily shouldered by a computer.
  3. Increased Accountability: The last time a project fell through the cracks at your agency, were you able to pinpoint the breakdown? With a traffic management system, every point in the project’s lifecycle — and the communication surrounding it — is detailed for viewing, which means everyone is now accountable. From this accountability, employees are more likely to work thoroughly and comprehensively, afraid their slip-up will be exposed team-wide this time.


We’ve created an all-in-one workflow solution that will completely expedite and underscore your current traffic management process. CurrentTrack allows agencies to replace multiple time tracking, messaging, logistics, and information storage services with one simple, easy-to-use management system. Basically, you can do it all AND know it all now, increasing company-wide accountability, minimizing redundancies that were once costing you money, and delve into valuable insight necessary for better quality work. Traffic management is the very essence of your agency and its potential for success. Consider CurrentTrack today.


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