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CurrentTrack has made it possible for us to effectively manage all of our projects, from beginning to end. We are now able to keep our employees, vendors and clients on track with timelines and budgets and this has greatly improved our business. Developware’s support team, led by Dawn Marie Travelstead, has been phenomenal. We highly recommend them!

Statements Marketing Communications

CurrentTrack has allowed our agency to conveniently and efficiently track all internal and external deliverables in one place. The program has helped to keep our projects on schedule and on budget. The software is intuitive and the individuals servicing the software are responsive, helpful and highly knowledgeable regarding the product.


We have used CurrentTrack almost since its inception. We’ve often wondered how we could run our business without it. Every project, every task, every customer communication, time and billing is covered, allowing us to be proactive and accurate with our clients. The system is flexible and is effective with any number of employees, and since it is intuitive, it requires very little training. Dawn and the developware team never let the sun set without a response to any requests for assistance. For agencies who aren’t using CurrentTrack yet, why not? It eliminates missed deadlines and ensures there is no ‘lost’ billing. We wouldn’t be as effective without it!

Ellen Schlafer, Electrum Branding

CurrentTrack has really helped our in-house Marketing Department run more efficiently. We are able to keep projects moving on time and keep ourselves extremely organized. CurrentTrack allows us to give our clients much more accurate estimates on project timelines. We also have several annual projects and events, and referencing and/or copying the previous year’s jobs is a great way to ensure we don’t miss any pieces. The reports we generate have also proven to be an excellent tool to help demonstrate our department’s productivity as well as to help justify staffing levels

HSHS Sacred Heart & St. Joseph’s Hospitals, Marketing & Communications Department

CurrentTrack has definitely helped our company reach a new level.

Kyle Doran, R&A Marketing

We love CurrentTrack. It’s changed our world for the better!

The Byne Group

Managing our team’s project workflow has become much easier with the implementation of CurrentTrack. We are a more streamlined team, having everything we need from task and project due dates to project history in one central location. CurrentTrack is a huge time (and sanity) saver! If you are considering a job management system, don’t buy until you’ve tried out CurrentTrack.

Pamela Lee, Marketing Operations Manager, University of Richmond, Communications

CurrentTrack has helped our company streamline communication, projects and financials into one place, making project management from inception to completion much more effective and efficient. The software is intuitive and easy to use for all of our various employees. And while we’re so pleased with the software, it’s truly the customer service (from day one when we sent an inquiry) that separates this company from others out there. Timely responses, troubleshooting help and general informative emails are the norm from CurrentTrack. Can’t recommend them more!


CurrentTrack has really helped us streamline our office and manage our tasks in a more effective way.

A-Train Marketing Communications, Inc

We’d already made our decision to buy CurrentTrack after day one of the trial period.

Grace Kanoy, Deuterman Law Group

Just by me keeping my Time Sheet, we’ve been able to pay for the first month’s fees.

Nick Gagliano, The Gagliano Group, Inc

We especially love the fact that CurrentTrack is web-based which allows everyone to have access from where ever they may be.

Liz Kang, Goda Advertising

CurrentTrack has helped us manage multiple projects at once, sped up the quoting process, and given our clients a way to log-in, view and give feedback on their projects.

TJ Design Studio

CurrentTrack is easy to use, quick to learn, and definitely helps streamline our job process.

Bolchalk FReY Marketing

CurrentTrack has enabled us to effectively manage all of our projects, from beginning to end, for several years now. We are able to keep all of our employees, freelancers and clients on track with timelines and budgets, which is no small feat. Developware’s support team is very knowledgeable and highly responsive to all of our needs. We highly recommend them!

BBG&G Advertising & Public Relations

CurrentTrack is easy to use. To me, it follows the natural train of thought one would have when opening a job and seeing it through to completion. It doesn’t leave you thinking, ‘okay, what do I do next’?

LaTitia Savell, Fountain Forward

CurrentTrack helps keep myself and coworkers on track and in line with work and projects. Very useful for organizing and tracking time as well.

Maggie Ising, Current360

The beauty of CurrentTrack is its tracking options. Features can be utilized as needed, including thoughtful options for notating account details. We value the attentive customer care we’ve received.

LP&G Marketing

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