When agencies resist automating their workflow processes today — as well as any other kind of technological system that can streamline and unite — they’re often clinging to false myths that hurt both them and their employees. As humans, we’ve a natural stubbornness and resistance to change, which is evident in all too many companies in our country today.

If you’re vehemently opposed to a workflow management system, we want to ask you: why? Chances are, you probably believe one of the five following myths:

  1. It’s Another Expense: If you look at workflow automation as a product and not an investment, it’s time to change your mindset. An investment is something that pays off in higher returns over time. Although it might cost you today, from the expedited workflow and communication, it’s actually an investment in the success and revenue of your agency.
  2. It’s Just About the Costs: Although traffic management systems will make you more money, they’re more valuable than that. They’ll help with employee retention and client satisfaction as well. With fewer projects “dropped” and miscommunicated throughout your team, everyone will enjoy working for you more than they did yesterday. It’s about human capital investment as well.
  3. I’ll Eventually Lose My Job: Business automation will not steal your job; it’ll boost productivity, reduce redundancies, and improve overall service quality. But, someone has to manage this system, and humans still need to come up with the emotional concepts that sell today. Traffic management software will simply snatch up the monotonous tasks you don’t want to do anymore so you can engage in fun analysis, marketing, collaboration, and more.
  4. It Can’t Fix My Problems: Although automation systems will help expedite processes and minimize risks, they can also, over-time, fix problems you think are not related to your current infrastructure. With centralized communication, your employees will start to become happier, with less confusing and easier chatting between them. You’ll notice that your workplace culture will actually improve, and as a result, everyone will try harder. The root of your core problems are tied closer to traffic management than you might think.
  5. They’re All the Same: False! There’s a wide variety of workflow systems out there for you to consider. Here at CurrentTrack®, we’ve the most comprehensive and intuitive solution available to you today, covering more than just task automation.


When you use CurrentTrack, your company will benefit from traffic management through Workback Schedules, messaging that’s centralized between all teams and departments for minimized miscommunications, time and expense management that’s input into various financial reports, reporting that can be accessed instantly, client access for big projects, quick archiving and retrieval, accurate billing, employee-specific profiles, a hosted solution… the list goes on. It’s much more than an automation solution; it’s a totally new way of monitoring and completing projects that you’re going to love. See for yourself.


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