What’s agency culture, and why should you care about it? Every agency has its own unique culture -– a set of values, priorities, people, projects, and more that come together to create an intangible feeling or setting every day. Although a “healthy” agency culture is technically unique to each operation, there’s definitely a set of shared principles that factors into achieving such a happy and engaging work environment.

If you’re looking to carve out a healthy culture that encourages employees to perform better, here are five ways to go about it:

  1. Engagement: A recent Gallup Poll discovered that only 1/3 of the American workforce feels engaged at work. The same poll discovered that engaged employees are 17% more productive and have a 41% lower rate of absenteeism. Therefore, employee engagement is a critical part of the company culture equation. Provide your managers with the resources they need to engage employees, with clear expectations for everyone to view.
  2. Philanthropy: One of the greatest ways to encourage employee retention is through volunteering or giving back. By volunteering, your employees will feel valued outside of their roles in your agency, and will therefore stay longer. The higher rates of retention, the less time you have to spend training a workforce. It leads to an overall happier company culture.
  3. Flexibility: Yes, the 9-to-5 work day is still essential for client hours and coordination among employees. However, it’s 2018, which means work day flexibility isn’t an impossible thing to achieve. If you have software like CurrentTrack®, employees can stay home or travel from time to time while still signing on. It’ll make them feel individually valued by your agency.
  4. Communication: If your company is home to a massive amount of miscommunication on a daily basis, that’s going to confuse your employees. The confusion will contribute to unhappiness and low productivity, which will create a toxic company culture. Instead, centralize communication for everyone to see, making it open and transparent.
  5. Listen: Sometimes, it’s important to listen to constructive criticism. If your employees are repeatedly telling you something needs to be fixed, listen to them. For starters, they’re probably right; plus, by taking action, you’re creating a company culture that’s inclusive and welcoming of employee input. Employees will feel more valued at the end of the day.

Healthy Agency Cultures

The healthier your culture, the more likely your employees will enjoy where they work and what they do every day. Their happiness translates into better client relations, productivity, and amicability between other employees.

One easy way to achieve the communication and flexibility required for a healthy company culture is through our CurrentTrack software, centralizing project assignments and communication in one singular spot. Creating a company culture that works for you doesn’t have to be a challenge. Get started with CurrentTrack.


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