CurrentTrack® was developed by a real-world advertising agency facing the challenges of rapid growth. The Inc. 500 company desperately needed a way to manage the workflow of hundreds of different projects through its various departments. CurrentTrack evolved out of that need.

CurrentTrack workflow management software is based on the normal processes of advertising agencies. You don’t need to learn a whole new way of doing business. You don’t have to embark on a massive training campaign to integrate it into your staff’s way of life. Because it’s web-based software, you don’t even need to install it. Sign on, fill in a bit of basic information and get to work.

Open a job, establish goals, assign the work and all your staff has to do to make the system work is do what they’re already doing – report time they spend on tasks and let the Traffic Manager know when they’re finished. Everything else is automatic. You’ll never have trouble finding answers because they’re there, in the system, just a couple of clicks away.

CurrentTrack eliminates the need for additional hardware or software, and the IT personnel to maintain them. It can save your employees valuable time by making client information available on their desktops, allowing increased billable time through increased productivity.


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Traffic Management – Once a Workback Schedule is built, based on information culled from the Client Contact Report, Progress Report or Change Order, each individual knows what they have to do and when. Workback-Schedule

Messaging – Working with both the cc: function and the Comment feature of the Client Interface, Messages enable you to quickly navigate to key pieces of information.

Time and Expense Management – All time and expenses flow through CurrentTrack and into its various financial reports. Whether it’s the middle of a job or the end of the month, you’ll have an immediate understanding of where you stand financially.

Reporting – By making information readily available via numerous reports, you foster an environment where achievement is the goal.

Client/Vendor Access to Posted Materials – By granting access to the Client Interface, you can have outside contacts view artwork, hear radio spots and review strategies through their web browsers, facilitating the approval process.

Information Archiving & Instant Retrieval – Everything you’ll ever need to know about a client’s workload, and its progress, is located in easy-to-find electronic job jackets.

Workback Schedules – By breaking work down into measurable increments, CurrentTrack fosters a way of doing business that’s much more organized, more accountable and less frustrating.

Accurate Billing – Real-time reporting of financial data gives you the management tools you need to keep your agency running at peak efficiency.

Employee-Specific Task Lists and Calendars – Various reports and calendars enable you to assess workloads for not only each employee and client, but for your agency as a whole.


A Hosted Solution – CurrentTrack is remotely accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. The value of the Application Service Provider model (ASP) is that you don’t incur any additional hardware fees. And, because there’s no software to install, there are no deployment costs.