As a senior in college, majoring in communication, nothing is stressed more than the importance and necessity of communication, especially in the business world. In an advertising agency, with so many clients and projects, communication is even more important to monitor and control as associates jump from project to project.

As an intern, navigating CurrentTrack® was the first thing I was taught. From that first day, I was determined to not get lost, confused or overwhelmed on this program; like I have with other digital tools. CurrentTrack quickly became my most valuable asset.

While learning from my peers and working on projects, I’ve never had to worry about jumping in on a project. Everything I need is in CurrentTrack, from progress reports and client contact information to previous work. It’s easy-to-use features have given me the platform I need to be proactive, confident, and efficient, even as an intern.

It’s amazing to step back and see how big of a role CurrentTrack plays in the grand scheme of things, keeping everyone on track and on time. It clearly serves as the backbone of agency communication, giving associates the tools they need to keep things organized, up to date, and easily accessible.

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