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CurrentTrack is a cross-platform, web-based workflow management system developed specifically for creative services teams. It's based on industry-standard processes and terminology and adapts to the way you work, so it's easy to use. Just check out our client testimonials to see how CurrentTrack users feel it's the best agency software they've ever used!

CurrentTrack captures, documents and reports all time, costs and progress associated with jobs and clients, easing budgeting and billing and virtually eliminating miscommunication in the production process. Read on...
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Traffic Patterns

“Pssst… Did you hear?”

Gossip. Nothing can undermine the culture of an organization more quickly than gossip. Merriam-Webster defines it as: 1gos·sip noun \ˈgä-səp\ : information about the behavior and personal lives of other people : a person who often talks about the private details of other people’s lives : a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts ...

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“Traffic Managers, what are they thinking?”

Have you ever wondered what other Traffic Managers go through on a daily basis? What they perceive to be the most difficult part of their job? How they decompress after a hectic day of “cat-herding?” Well, now you have the chance to find out! Over the coming months, I’ll be conducting a series of interviews ...

The post “Traffic Managers, what are they thinking?” appeared first on Traffic Patterns.

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"We especially love the fact that CurrentTrack is web-based which allows everyone to have access from where ever they may be."

-Liz Kang,
Goda Advertising


"Thank you for offering companies such as ours a truly rare blend of superior product and focused customer support. CurrentTrack is providing real-world benefits to every person and related task within our agency and the customer support from the members of the CT team with whom we have spoken has been absolutely peerless!"

-Dave Jeffries,
The WPM Group

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