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CurrentTrack is a cross-platform, web-based workflow management system developed specifically for creative services teams. It's based on industry-standard processes and terminology and adapts to the way you work, so it's easy to use. Just check out our client testimonials to see how CurrentTrack users feel it's the best agency software they've ever used!

CurrentTrack captures, documents and reports all time, costs and progress associated with jobs and clients, easing budgeting and billing and virtually eliminating miscommunication in the production process. Read on...
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Traffic Patterns

Traffic your community.

It’s 3:21 a.m (EST) and I’m awake. I’m WIDE AWAKE, having drifted blissfully off to sleep a mere four hours ago.  For whatever reason, my mind has immediately gone toward The Forgotten Louisville. This organization is doing amazing things for the homeless and less fortunate populations of our fair city. “The Forgotten Louisville is made up ...
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It’s 2014… time to get organized!

 It’s 2014. Has your agency resolved to “get organized” and do things differently this year?  A critical step when organizing your agency is implementing a project management system. It should be user-friendly and accessible to everyone on your team, including clients and vendors, albeit in a limited capacity. There are several things to consider when choosing the ...
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" We are pleased to recommend CurrentTrack for any growing agency."

-Art Bloom,
The Bloom Agency


"Choosing CurrentTrack helped us satisfy four different business objectives at once. The system allows us to automate our workflow, efficiently track time, provide an interface tool for clients and offers the peace of mind of an offsite backup."

- Tabitha Moore, The Forte Marketing Group

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